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Understanding R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax credits can seem difficult and complicated.  To help you through the morass of mis-information and myth, we've created a short guide to help you.

Receive funding while you wait for your R&D Tax Credit

There is now a specific ‘Bridging Loan’ available to help bridge the gap between submitting a claim and the claim being paid out by HMRC. 

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How do you apply for R&D Tax Credits?

Once you've worked out that you qualify for R&D Tax Credits, here's our guide to what you need to do to apply.




What are R&D Tax Credits?

Research and Development Tax Credits are the UK Government's way of fostering innovation in the workplace.  For every pound you spend on R&D the government will give you a proportion back in tax credits. 

From Chocolate to Aeronautical Engineering - case stories
There's not much in common between a chocolatier and an aeronautical engineer.  But one thing that's certain is that they both qualified for R&D Tax Credits.

How we help companies claim R&D Tax Credits
We are specialists in recovering R&D Tax Credits for our clients.  We have many years experience and worked with many companies in many different industries.  If you'd like to know more about our services in this area, please visit our services